Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #2

Earlier this week, we released a statement regarding our response to the current global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have been continuously monitoring the situation and remain taking appropriate steps by following UK Government guidelines to safeguard both ourselves and the clients who we complete work for.

Up until now, we have continued to trade from our office as usual – as well as mobile visits to individuals and businesses. We have also taken extra steps to comply with the published Government guidelines by ensuring that all work that we complete on behalf of our customers has been done so hygienically by adhering to the following measures:

  • Applying anti-bacterial wipes on any customer equipment before we undertake any work.
  • Regularly washing our hands using anti-bacterial soap for 20+ seconds whilst completing work on any customer equipment.
  • Re-applying disinfectant on any customer equipment after work has been completed by us.

These measures that we stated were aimed to protect both ourselves and the customers who we complete work for. In this last week, the UK Government guidelines have been updated and are subject to further change at any time. As it currently stands, most of our services and solutions remain to operate as usual (trading both in-office and mobile) with the exception of services and solutions requiring significant face-to-face involvement. This applies to our website development services and our physical IT solutions – which will now operate virtually.
Please be assured that current and interested clients can still contact us regarding these affected services and solutions, via calling or messaging us, as they will be functioning on a virtual basis. We have only halted in-house and mobile visits for these services and solutions as they could involve significant face-to-face involvement. We are doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by following UK Government guidelines. All affected services and solutions will remain active on a virtual basis and continue to operate.

We will continue to update our blog and social media accounts regularly in regards to any other future trading adjustments for Computava, should the UK Government guidelines change. We also ask that our blog readers, as well as our social media subscribers and followers, continue to follow the most recent UK Government guidelines during this difficult time. We have embedded a video into this blog post containing information on COVID-19 and how to stay safe:

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