Giffgaff Affiliation

? *Exciting News Alert* ?

Computava have some exciting news to share! Following the continued development of our growing business, it gives us great pleasure to announce that we will be expanding our services into the mobile network sector. As such, following approval this morning, we are now affiliated with the popular mobile network: Giffgaff! ?

This affiliation will allow us to present great value mobile phone deals to the public, as well as assisting users in switching networks and providing general advice. We will be offering our services specialising in this sector from the beginning of next week! Alongside offering these deals, we will also be launching our own broadband scheme – which will consist of great value broadband (powered by Giffgaff ‘goodybags’) and the set-up of a wireless dongle (portable router) for home and on-the-go internet – provided by Computava! We will have pricing for this scheme available in the next few days. (Contact us for more information!) ?

If you’re currently looking to change network, we have a fantastic welcome offer to share! By requesting for a free SIM card, through us, you will get £5 loaded credit! Also, with the use of ‘goodybags’ (offered by Giffgaff), you can start receiving data, as well as unlimited texts and calls, for only £6 a month! ?

We will be updating our website with more information regarding this affiliation in the next few days. If you’re interested in any of these upcoming services offered through Computava, contact us today to register your interest and to receive your free SIM card loaded with £5 credit! ?

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